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Discover the Joy of Home Depot Kids Workshops

If you're on the lookout for fun, educational activities to do with your kids, look no further than the Home Depot Kids Workshops! I first heard about these fantastic workshops from James Lopez, an inspiring dad who runs the popular fatherhood community, Fatherhood Is Lit, based in Staten Island, New York. James has always been an advocate for engaging activities that strengthen the bond between parents and children, and these workshops fit the bill perfectly.

Why Home Depot Kids Workshops Are a Must-Do

These workshops are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your child, teaching them valuable skills along the way. Kids get hands-on experience with basic tools like hammers and screwdrivers, and they also learn how to paint. The best part? Every child receives a complimentary orange apron that proudly declares "Build. Learn. Create." Plus, they get a collectible pin at each workshop to attach to their apron or any other special spot they choose. It's a fun way to mark their achievements and build a collection over time.

Workshop Details

The Home Depot Kids Workshops are free and typically held on the first Saturday of each month from 9 AM to 12 PM. However, supplies can run out quickly, so I highly recommend arriving early to ensure you and your child can participate fully.

Pro Tips for a Smooth Experience

- Bring Your Own Tools: While tools are provided, bringing your own hammer and screwdriver can save you time and avoid the hassle of waiting to share with other participants.

- Register Online: To secure your spot, you need to register online in advance. Not sure how to do that? Check out our Instagram reel for a step-by-step guide on the registration process.

Join Us for a Workshop

The Home Depot Kids Workshops offer a unique blend of learning, creativity, and family bonding. Whether you're teaching your child how to wield a hammer for the first time or helping them add a new pin to their apron, these workshops provide memories that will last a lifetime. So mark your calendars, gather your tools, and get ready to build, learn, and create with Home Depot!

For more details and to register, visit the Home Depot website or check out our Instagram reel ( Let's make the next workshop a day to remember!

RGV DADS at The Home Depot - McAllen, TX

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